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Several amateur athletes are preparing for the big final of the triathlon season in October 2021. Ordinary man and woman of middle age and paratriathletes with disabilities. Everyone wants to change their life and overcome their longest distance. Together with three heroes, the triathlon elite of the country and teams of coaches with different training methods are preparing.

Will the main characters be able to go to the distance next to the top world-class athletes in having of a limited budget, time and capabilities?

Which methodology - time-tested or modern methodology - will show the result?

Which of the athletes and teams will be able to win?

How can a regular person hear the cherished words "You are an Ironman" at the finish?
This is a bright emotional sports show that will inspire athletes to new goals and involve new supporters in the nonprofessional's sports movement.
What is triathlon?
Each athlete needs to go through three stages: swimming, cycling, running.

Popular distances

  • Sprint (swimming - 750 m, cycling - 20 km and cross - 5 km) - Olympic distance (swimming - 1500 m, cycling - 40 km and sprint/ running - 10 km)
  • WTC 70.3, Half-Ironman, 113 (swimming - 1.93 km, cycling - 90 km and sprint/ running - 21.1 km)
  • WTC Ironman, 226 (swimming - 3.86 km, cycling - 180 km and marathon sprint/ running - 42.195 km)
Everyone welcomes to takes part in fan races.
In Russia, there are several thousand amateur triathletes.

The desire to overcome a new frontier, make your life brighter and prove to yourself and your environment that you are cool and can bring more new people to the triathlon every day.

The number of starts is growing and the cost of training is increasing, restrictions are being introduced due to the pandemic. But this does not stop those who decided to once hear "You are an Ironman!"

The film is dedicated to the triathlon community of Russia. It's characters- are those athletes who combine work, personal life and daily hours of training.

The film consists of several preparation stories that end at one general start.
Sport documentary
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Why there is need to make a film about a triathlon?
  • Triathlon is the quintessential opportunity and personal challenge that modern man makes for himself.
  • Sport has changed life principles and made a focus on possibilities, and not on sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of people.
  • Those who came to sport, became stronger and free, capable to achieve new horizons.
  • Sports motivate personal efficiency and contribute to a new principle of allocation of resources for life.
  • It forms a new social environment - from small groups to numerous followers.
  • Athletes amateurs - a huge community, creating a new progressive healthy reality and the basis for development of society. From the film characters, we answer the question how changes in the life, consciousness and social environment of each participant of the project occur in preparation for the start.
The film will be able to become an instrument of public diplomacy that will connect Russian nonprofessional sports more closely with the world community.
Film participants
Maxim Zhurilo, Victor Zhidkov, Igor Sysoev, Mikhail Gromov, Maria Shorets, Victoria Shubina, Vasily Mozzhukhin, Vladimir Voloshin, Maria Kolosova, Andrei Kavun, Elena Rocketskaya, Maria Gosteva. The list of participants will be supplemented
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